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 The title says it all. It's the damned Coronavirus. 

In this episode Mike Garcia stops by the studio for a chat about his campaign to secure California's 25th Congressional District. Mike is a Navy Veteran that flew over 30 combat missions in an F-18 Hornet during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is also a father, businessman and all around great guy. We had a great time getting to know him and learning first hand what he is all about. I'm sure you will too! 

In this episode we talk to the lovely and talented screen writer Leah Welch. She takes us through some of the events that led her to where she is today and some of the life events she draws from when writing. In addition to being an amazing screen writer, Leah participates in the Hollywood community as a mentor and advocate for people working and trying to break in. 

Hey everyone, on today’s episode we have the lovely and talented Jennifer Marshall. Jennifer is a proud Navy Veteran turned actor. You may have seen her on Stranger Things where she played Max’s Mom, or on the CW where she hosts Mysteries Decoded. Also, coming up on October 15th you will see her on NCIS. These are just some recent highlights of a very busy actor. Chances are you’ve seen her in everything from video games to Hawaii-Five-O.

Hey podcast, in this episode we have the lovely Shannon Corbeil on the show. Shannon is an Actor, Writer, Film Maker and United States Airforce Veteran that lives right here in Los Angeles. She was an absolute pleasure to hang out with and we can’t wait to have her back on. Check out her website Shannoncorbeil.com, hit her up on twitter and Instagram or watch her Shansplain things as a host on We Are The Mighty. 

In this episode we sit down with Maximilian Uriarte; artist, former US Marine, Creator of Terminal Lance and New York Times Best Selling Author of The White Donkey. In true Lester and Steve fashion we cut it up and have great all around bullshit session while finding whatever we could to drink. In one of our first traveling episodes, we took over the WeWork on Broadway in Santa Monica. The beer was warm and it was full of foam but we decided that it was better than no beer.

Hey everyone, in this episode we talk about bad whiskey, old TV shows and California gun laws. 

In this episode we talk about justice involved people, DUI's and our future guests. 

Welcome Back Podcast! In this episode we do a little reflecting on where we started and where we are at, we talk about skate parks, Venice Beach and the Avengers. 

In this episode we talk to Master McConnell about how he got into martial arts and how he came to own Acton Karate and Krav Maga. 

Hey guys in this episode we talk to rising star photographer and motorcycle enthusiast John Hebert about his journey into the LA photography scene and going out on his own. Check him out at @Commonbloodmoto on Instagram and his website www.JohnRyanHebert.com 

In this episode we tell stories about our dad's; mostly losing their sh** and behaving badly with a few lessons learned! 

#14 In this episode we talk about being alone, Not taking sh** and getting your sh** back! 

In this episode we discus our origin stories all about business and being an entrepreneur. The highs, lows and the really lows! 

Episode 11 is by far our best sounding episode yet because we got new mic's!! We talk Race Cars, Car Shows, the 24 hours of Lemons and BBQ'ing on our Traegar! 

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